Goal One: Work Waco

Provide college graduates salary paying jobs to stay in the Waco community


Increase the population of 25-29 year olds from 8% to 10% of the Waco community within the next two years.


-Increase yearly amount of job fairs featuring Waco specific businesses in a timely manner to cater to the student’s schedule.

-Increase Waco specific internships in applicable fields of study that have the potential to turn into full time jobs.

-Hold yearly events to inform the student populations about the increasing job opportunities

Goal Two: Serve Waco

Increase serving opportunities for college students to plug into the Waco community


Increase student participation in Campus run service activities by 4 percent.


-Make stepping out opportunities seem more appealing to students

-Look at other campuses to see and measure how they implement their service opportunities

-Work with Prosper Waco in unifying efforts of non-profits with College Students

Goal Three: Love Waco

To increase citizen satisfaction within the City.


To increase following on Waco social media accounts from students by 30%


-Promote an information source that outlines city activities for students to participate in within the city.

-Obtain “Cultural Arts District” status for the Waco community

-Host Waco community events that cater to the student population.