Prosper Waco is a collaborative effort in the City of Waco that attempts to pull all the players in the city for a common goal. Through the CampusTown initiative, Prosper Waco is working to keep college graduates in the Waco area. By maintaining college graduates, Waco can grow their current lagging population of 19 to 29 year olds.

CampusTown aims to accomplish this goal by uniting those who work, serve and love Waco.

  • Work Waco: Provide college graduates salary paying jobs to stay in the Waco community
  • Serve Waco: Increase serving opportunities for college students to plug into the Waco community
  • Love Waco: To increase citizen satisfaction within the City.

Prosper Waco recognizes the need for the city of Waco to retain students. The way to go about this is potentially tricky, and needs to be approached with multiple levels or foresight.

The CampusTown initiative takes this problem and breaks it down into multiple steps. By taking a multiple step approach, CampusTown narrows down the problem into specific avenues to table.

By combining efforts to help the students in Waco love, serve and eventually work in the city enables them to plant roots to pursue a career and make this their hometown.

Tackling these goals by executing our planned tactics will help achieve our measurable objectives. Prosper Waco will continue to pull nonprofit and commercial companies to work together to provide the students of MCC, TSTC, and Baylor University with lifetime careers in the place they love.