Our creative pieces for the project include a flyer, social media plan and a calendar of our events.

Our calendar is centered around catering events and posts that fit students schedules. By catering to their time frames, we can increase our ability to reach that specific demographic.


In order to draw in our audience we made flyers to reach our target audience. The colors of red and black intentionally chosen to be distinct to Waco. With Alico red and the sophistication of black, we’re aiming to create a work oriented theme.


To be passed out during the career fair we developed brochures to inform participants of Waco stats and growing potential.


Our social media is intended to promote our career fair with information that entices our target audience to attend the event. By focusing on social media we can hope to hit our target audience on the platform the use the most.

Social Media Plan

Our PSA will help inform our clients about the current Waco statistics and its growing nature. By keeping the video short, sweet and to the point with visuals that are bright and inviting we’re hoping to maintain the short attention span of our millennial target audience.


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